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archive - June
June 6, 2007
Yesterday we started disassembling the chassis. And all went very well! All parts came of easily: before the weekend, we started applying WD40 and that trick worked. The only parts that gave some trouble were the places where the leaf springs are attached to the chassis, in front of the rear wheels. But an extra splash of WD40 did the trick. All parts are labelled and in boxes now.
We started to clean the chassis with a wire brush. About a bucket of oily sand later, the chassis is now clean enough to be send off to the sandblaster. After that, the chassis will checked again for cracks etc. and that be coated in primer.
Aug 18 2007,

After dismantling the TR, I took the chassis to al local blaster. It took him several weeks to finish the job, but last Friday the chassis was returned by them. Blasted. I've added some pics.

And oh joy! No (!) cracks, fractures or rot! Just a 48 years old chassis that is solid. Next week, we will strengthen the chassis as recommended in Williams' How To Improve Triumph TR. After that, the chassis will be coated.